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We want to see your flasks of dirt, whatever form they may take: poetry, prose, ramblings, tracts, confessions, actual flasks of dirt*, smut, &c. We are especially interested in works that resist definition and stray beyond traditional formats. Don’t be afraid to send in that sound poem or that it’s-not-a-prose-poem-but-it-ain’t-prose-and-it-ain’t-poetry-either.

In short: experimental? Great! Does dirty things with language? Even better! We want to see your flasks, to caress them, and to be repulsed by them.

We like medical history, driftwood, negative queer theory, and street fires, to give you an idea.


  • Email dirtflask@gmail.com.
  • Include your work as an attachment if your formatting is important.
  • No limit on number of pieces submitted, but no more than 1000 words per submission.
  • Simultaneous submissions are OK – just inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • By submitting, you’re giving us one-time permission to publish your work.

*If you want to send an actual flask of dirt or other physical object, please email us for a mailing address.

Report your response times at Duotrope's Digest

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